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When natural disasters or other large events occur, people have a tendency to focus on these disasters for a limited period of time but soon forget about them as time passes and other things become more current.
With all the recent hurricanes, a similar feeling of forgetting tragedies occurs. We all were intensely focused when it was happening, but as soon as it was no longer on every news channel, we forgot about it. There is no more talk about the hurricanes anymore, even though the hurricane season was one of the largest and most impactful we have seen in recent years.
Why do we do this? Is it because the news cycle moves so fast that we feel that we have to catch up with it? Why are the effects of the hurricanes no longer news or no longer relevant to talk about? Are things that happen in the past no longer important?
These disasters are still important, even if they are no longer in the news. We still need to make constant efforts, especially to the places that were deeply affected by the hurricane. For example, Puerto Rico is still facing large issues due to the disaster they faced in late September through early October.
Even as the world continues to move on, it is important we remember the important events of the past and try to help even as we face new issues. We should continue to remember the tragedies in the past such as the Columbine shooting, 9/11, the Sandy Hook shooting, the Pulse shooting, the traveling ban, every other important event in our recent past, and the hurricanes. If we forget, then we stop helping the people affected.

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Answers with Anne