Students hold Poppy Drive as part of Passion Project

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The Veterans of Foreign War organization holds a poppy drive at various locations in the local area to ask for donations to support veterans in need.
Seniors Max Sloan and Mitchell Moczisko are current members of the Public Service Practicum class, and they worked with the VFW to get volunteers from school to help get donations as their passion project.
“VFW is short for Veterans of Foreign Wars. Their goal is to help disabled and needy veterans and their families, as well as the families of soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect us,” Sloan said.
Passion projects are student run and organized. Students pick something they are passionate about and do something to give back or help.
“I chose to do the Poppy Drive to help give back to veterans. Both of my parents served as well as several other family members, so this is my way of thanking them,” Sloan said.
The event took place on May 13, and the times ranged depending on the shift and place of the students. There were seven students from North who volunteered.
“We were able to get seven or so other people to help out with our project,” Sloan said.
There are multiple locations in which the students stand outside of and ask people to donate. They have fake poppy flowers that they hand out to those who donate. The poppies are put together by the veterans themselves.
“Students were set up at one of two locations. One was at the Jewel in Round Lake Beach from eight in the morning to four in the evening, while the other was at Culver’s from 12 in the afternoon to four in the evening,” Sloan said.