NHS holds Mr. GNHS to raise money for charity

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Every year there is a competition held for the title of Mr. GNHS. The event this year was held in April in the black box.
“The event took place on April 13 in the black box theatre,” said senior and host of the event Justin Bock.
There were three students that competed for the title. Each student was judged on various categories, and then their scores were tallied up in the end in order to choose a winner.
“[The contenders included] Alex Moran, Jack Dobovsky, Anthony Johnson, and Miguel Carrera. [The categories were] video, lip sync, talent, and fishbowl questions,” said senior and contender Alex Moran.
All of the judges were teachers that were either chosen by National Honor Society office member Ashley Rayan or they volunteered at the beginning.
“Some [teachers] wanted to be a judge right from the beginning and others were asked. [The judges included] Señora Lopez, Mr. Holder, Mr. New, and Mrs. DeFiore,” Moran said.
All of the contenders had to pick an organization they were passionate about and raise money for them. The contenders were carrying jugs with information about their organization on the front to collect money, and all the money went directly to the organizations. Raising more money than your competitors definitely helped when it came down to scoring.
“I raised money for Lake County’s Humane Society because I have always loved animals. In general, everyone raised money for a cause that they found to be worthy of donations. The money we raised ended up playing a large role in determining the victor because extra points were awarded to the contestant with the most charity money,” Moran said.
The winner ended up being Jack Dobovsky.
“The winner was Jack Dobovsky, and the winner won free Prom tickets,” Bock said.