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German classes conclude their first year

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Wir haben nur noch einen Monat in der Schule, aber es macht sowieso Spaß in der Deutschklasse! As the year comes to an end, the German classes are still enjoying learning the language and culture of different German speaking countries. The classes have learned how to talk about their favorite activities, learned about differences between the Grayslake community and communities in Germany, learned how to talk about their friends and family, and much more! A few students wanted to share what they’ve enjoyed in class this year! One student, Vanessa Liker, says about German class: “it taught me more than how to speak German. It also taught me about how they live in German speaking countries and what the differences are between Germany and the U.S. ” Another student, Amanda Bachinger said, “German class is the highlight of my day, and we play lots of games. Other students should join German!” Overall, learning a new language can be a lot of fun, so students should try one (or two!) next year! Auf wiedersehen!

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German classes conclude their first year