Students find summer jobs

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Sun, warmth, beaches, and pool parties aren’t always the only things high school students do in the summer; they often have summer jobs to uphold as well.
Many students at North have summer jobs such as being a lifeguard or working at a day care while parents are at work.
“I work as a lifeguard at Lake Bluff Beach over the summer,” said senior Jordan Queen.
Lifeguarding is a standard summer job, but a lot has to go into it in order to get certified and stay certified so one can keep going back to work every summer.
“In order to be a lifeguard, you have to be 15 and go through a certification program. The certification lasts for two years, and after that, your employer will most likely recertify you,” Queen said.
There are benefits to working as a lifeguard, and getting paid to be somewhere amazing is one of them.
“My favorite part about working as a lifeguard is getting paid to be at beautiful Lake Michigan,” Queen said.
Some companies come to the school to recruit students for the summer, such as Six Flags. They offer the students many different types of jobs.
“We have admission, games, entertainment, retail, ride operation, guest services, the list just goes on. We can find something for whoever [applies and gets employed],” said Six Flags recruiter Robin Zelek.
Six Flags has some benefits as well like special offers for the employees only and tickets for friends and family.
“You get some discounts off of certain things throughout the park. You also get tickets for the park, and the longer you’re there, the more things you get for free which is nice,” said senior Joselyn Wadkins.
Six Flags is where many teenage students start off working because of their benefits and how easy it is to get to if they have a car.
“I’d recommend it for a summer job [because] you get decent hours and the job itself can be fun. You also get some nice perks as well,” Wadkins said.
Other than Six Flags and lifeguarding, there are other summer jobs that many other kids don’t know about, such as working at a day care.
“This summer, I am working at a day care for my church,” said senior Andrea Hesse.
There are plenty of summer jobs that are available, but make sure to apply to as many places as one can for jobs they will enjoy.
“Apply anywhere you can, and you’re bound to find a job you love!” Queen said.