Students apply for scholarships

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As college is approaching fast for the seniors, now is the time to start thinking and applying for scholarships to help pay for the financial obligation.
North promotes many scholarships to those who are looking, and they can be found in many different ways.
“We promote scholarships through the College and Career Center, Schoology, Twitter, and senior emails,” said counselor Jennifer Stroh.
The scholarships are categorized into two groups to make it easier for students to be able to determine what type of scholarship they are looking for.
“We split it up into two different categories, so we do something called local scholarships, that’s all local businesses within Lake County or in the State of Illinois that are wanting to provide scholarships for our students. The other category that we split it up into is national scholarships, so those are the big, grand amounts, but keep in mind that everyone in the nation is applying,” Stroh said.
The counselors are not the only way to get scholarship information. There are ways to find more.
“There are some national websites that students can look through on their own time and see what scholarship they fit the criteria for, but then we also encourage students to ask family members, neighbors, and friends of local businesses that maybe we don’t know about,” Stroh said.
There is no limit to how many scholarships one can apply for, so there is always a chance to get more money by filling out as many scholarship applications as students want.
“I recommend filling out as many as you can because there’s really no limit to what you may earn. A bunch of $100 dollar scholarships add up to a lot in the end,” said senior Sarahi Ledesma.
Scholarships are offered throughout the school year, but there comes a time where they start to get slower because it is nearing the time for the seniors to start their freshman year and they need the applications turned in before then.
“Come April, scholarships tend to die down. I would really say that we promoted scholarships the entire school year starting in August. January through April is a big deadline time for scholarships,” Stroh said.
The importance of scholarships vary depending on the person, but there are future benefits to applying.
“It’s important for students to fill out scholarships because paying off a college tuition is stressful, but having a few thousand dollars going into college from scholarships help take away some of that stress,” said senior Andrea Hesse.