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Rogue One Review

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Rogue One a Star Wars Story is a stand alone movie about an event in the Star Wars universe when the Rebels against the Empire steal the Death Star plans so they could destroy it. The movie starts out on a planet with the main character Jyn Erso as a small child, and her father Gaylen Erso getting taken by the Empire so he could help design and build the Death Star. He is taken by the main villain in the movie director Krennick, who is in charge of overseeing the the creation of the Death Star.

The story then fast forwards 22 years where Jyn then gets recruited by the Rebellion, after two new characters appear, Cassian Andor and a very sarcastic reprogramed Imperial droid named K-2SO. He is the funniest character in the movie. While the Rebellion wants to find Jin’s father they want to find an old friend of hers to help the Rebellion find ways to destroy the Death Star; his name is Saw Gerrera. The three characters then go to the Jeda, where they run into a clever and funny cameo of two characters from the 4th Episode that only true Star Wars fans would know, the two men who tried to start a fight with Luke, and got his hand cut off by Obi-Wan Kenobi. They then meet two new characters named Chirrupt and Baze, the two most intriguing characters. These characters then help the rebels find Saw Gerrera after a huge fight with the forces of the Empire, that include the Death Stormtroopers and tanks, and the rebels barely win because of the explosives they have.

Jyn finds Saw and recovers a lost recording of her father saying that he created something that if exposed could destroy the station. Meanwhile Director Krennic is getting criticized by Governor Tarkin, so he decides to test the weapon on the planet Jeda. The Rebels escape, in a very close escape that they barely made it out of there alive. They left the planet without Saw Gerrera. Meanwhile, the city is destroyed by the Death Star,. In the long escape, the special effects and suspense becomes greater. After this, the Rebels attack an Imperial compound in hopes of finding Galen Erso, even though Cassian has an alternate mission, to eliminate him. The Rebels find him, but the base is destroyed by the Rebellion, and Galen Erso was killed in the process. With a very sad emotional death as he dies in Jyn’s hands and says, “I’m sorry”.

After they escape the planet, they meet at the Rebel base on Yavin. Rebel leaders say they should attack a base to steal the plans, but Jyn takes about fifty brave volunteers to the planet where the plans are. A huge battle takes place on the planet with many fights on the ground and in space. In space they used CGI to make old characters from the old movie in 1977 to appear in the movie with the same voices and faces. It was amazing how they could do that. Meanwhile on the planet one of the characters dies about every 2 minutes, very heroically. K-2SO dies by gunshots while trying to not let Stormtroopers go into the vault with Jyn and Cassian.

Chirrupt, who is blind, shuts down shield in the hangar where they are and gets shot down very heroically. Baze sees then gets angry and goes on a rampage of killing Stormtroopers until he finally gets shot down intensely. Jyn gets the plans to the fleet, but her and Cassian can’t escape when the Death Star shows up and blows up the city with Director Krennic on the planet as well. The Rebels ship with the plans is then boarded and it’s in the dark and the best scene in the movie happens. While in the dark all you hear is a familiar deep breathing, a red lightsaber turns on and all you see, and hear is Darth Vader, the most iconic movie villain of all time. While he is taking down Rebels attacking him, the plans get onto a ship just before he could get to them and the Rebels escape, but not without Darth Vader in pursuit, setting up the next movie a New Hope seconds before it actually happens.

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Rogue One Review