Econ classes participate in Shark Tank project

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Econ classes participate in Shark Tank project

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Mr. Kent’s economic classes engaged in a project, based on the television show “Shark Tank,” to help further their understanding of supply and demand and how their products would sell in front of judges or the “sharks.”

“The goal behind it was to look at supply and demand and see what the products would cost,” said economics teacher Jonathan Kent.

To make the students’ experience more realistic to the television show they had some guests come in for the students to present in front of as the judges.

“We had some teachers and members of administration come in for the students to present in front of and try to sell their products the sharks,” Kent said.

The students involved had make a pitch to the sharks and try to get an investment for their product. The more money they get, the better their product is.

“The students created products of their own or they could choose a product that was already made,” Kent said.

The project lasted quite a long time because the students needed plenty of time to create and figure out how they were going to present and sell their products to the teachers and administration members.

“We spent about two and half to three weeks working on the actual project,” Kent said.

All of the students in Kent’s economics classes were involved and had some role in the shark tank project.

“All of my classes were involved, so there would be 71 students that participated in the project,” Kent said.

Some of the students felt that the project took lasted longer than they needed and that they had a hard time getting numbers.

“It was not beneficial about how long it was, I feel like there were times where we had to start pulling numbers out of thin air. The unit overall took too long,” said senior Kyle Wahlberg.

Even though the students had a little trouble with the project, they felt that overall they benefitted from the project.

“It helped me understand how business works and how deals are made,” said senior Trevor Franklin.