Choir performs first concert in October

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The choir students performed their fall concert on October 5 at the Round Lake Civic Center.
The choir is no longer with Central because there were complications with planning, so they broke apart from them.
“[We broke apart from Central because] it is easier scheduling wise, and we want to create a name for ourselves,” said senior Joselyn Wadkins.
The students and the choir teacher, Paul Neilson, work every class day on their songs in order to perfect them and prepare them more for the concerts.
“Every class hour we work on the pieces that need the most work. Sometimes we work on four measures of one song all period long until we get it right. Sometimes we get through all the songs, but it really just depends on what needs work that day,” said senior Andrea Hesse.
Not only do they practice every day, but it takes time to perfect the songs.
“Usually the songs take about a couple of weeks to a month to learn. But it’s also dependent on how long the song is and the level of difficulty. We also get different music to see what works better, and what doesn’t, but most of the time Mr. Nielsen picks the harder songs,” said senior Elizabeth Abella.
The three different choir classes were involved and performed in the concert.
“Concert Choir, Mixed Honors, and Mixed Treble were a part of this concert,” Wadkins said.
In the upcoming concerts, one can expect to see extracurricular activities at the concerts such as Slam Funk and Jazz Band.
“All three choirs and for our winter concert all the extracurricular choirs as well like Slam Funk, Pulse, Mariachi, and the Pirates will be involved in upcoming performances.” Abella said.
Choir is for the students that have passion for music and singing. Choir is not always serious; the students get to have a little fun while getting their work done and getting prepared for their big performances.
“My favorite part is seeing how hard we’ve worked for several weeks finally pay off. During practice, we can get kind of silly for lack of a better word, but in the end, it’s all worth it because of how hard we did work. Being in choir takes a lot of team effort and the realization that we wouldn’t be as great of a choir if we didn’t put the effort and hard work in. Our concert is the same as winning a game or crossing the finish line, where everything worked out in the end,” Abella said.