Students: Making the grade

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Studying, homework, and study guides are just a few of the ways that the students here get good grades and help prepare themselves for their near future.
“Grades are important to me because they reflect me as a student, and when I go to college, they are going to see my grades,” said senior Sarahi Ledesma.
Not all students strive for good grades for school purposes only. There are many different things in one’s life that are influenced by grades.
“Grades affect my everyday life and my future life. If my grades slip now, I can’t be involved in school, sports or other activities,” said senior Andrea Hesse.
There are many techniques that students have to help them prepare for tests and quizzes. Every student is different when it comes to studying, but there are helpful tips that one could learn from others techniques.
“I study the course material in a variety of ways that engages my entire self: visually through flashcards, auditorily by ‘teaching’ myself out loud, and kinesthetically by rewriting the notes and including pictures or words that I randomly associate with that piece of information,” said senior Camryn Sinclair.
Some students find it difficult to stay focused during independent studying time during class because they are surrounded by distractions everywhere they look.
“[I focus in class] during independent work time by putting in my earbuds, tuning out the distractions, and concentrating on my school work,” Ledesma said.
The teachers are consistently pushing their students to turn in all their work on time to help their grades improve.
“Most of my teachers get on my case about turning stuff in if there is a zero in the gradebook because they want my grades to be the best they could possibly be; therefore, I believe they do have an impact on my grades,” Hesse said.
The teachers are not the only ones that care about student’s grades. Many students want the accomplishment of getting an ‘A’ in a class or on an assignment alone.
“I strive for good grades because I feel personally satisfied, rather than striving in order to satisfy my parents or others,” Sinclair said.