Student competes in IWAS U23 World Games

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A senior went to Prague to compete in track and field in the 2016 IWAS U23 World Games.
Senior Brian Nelson competed in disc and shot put.
“I thought disc was fun. Then I realized I’m good at it and that I wanted to be good enough to compete internationally,” said senior Brian Nelson.
Before Nelson competed, he was tense, but he pulled through.
“I was nervous for the first couple throws, but then I got over it and competed,” Nelson said.
When competitions occur, Brian takes them very seriously.
“I sit down and focus on what I’m doing before I do it. I block out noise, to do what I do best,” Nelson said.
Brian loved Prague very much. The atmosphere was very ‘interesting,’ and it was exciting because it was his first international competition.
Brian has been to many different places for competitions.
“I’ve been all around the globe and country. It’s very diverse. You meet so many different people,” Nelson said.
Brian’s future plans are to go to Japan and compete internationally for a second time.
“My future plans are to go to Tokyo to compete in the 20/20 Paralympics,” Nelson said.
One person that Brian looks up to is David Prince Marietta, an athlete that competed with Nelson in Prague.
“I look up to David Prince because when I met him, he worked out with me and taught me new things,” Nelson said.
Brian had an interesting response to being The Knight In Shining Armor.
“I never considered myself a Knight in Shining Armor.It feels good because it means I’m doing something right,” Nelson said.
Brian believes that anyone who is afraid to compete in anything should ‘Just Do It’.
“I would say try to compete. The worse thing that can happen is you don’t do as well, everything takes time, effort, and practice,” Nelson said.