Kindness Project encourages students to help others

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Here at North there are over 50 clubs. The club that is dedicated to kindness and helping others is the Kindness Club or The Kindness Project.

“The club is interesting all together. The Kindness Project is trying to reach out to see a change within the community to get kindness across through positivity and optimism,” junior Briana Nelson said.

The Kindness Project is trying to spread kindness throughout the school and acknowledge all of the kind students already doing acts of kindness at Grayslake North.

“Our goal is to celebrate the kindness in this school, as opposed to focusing on the negatives – which I think is tempting to do, especially in high school. There are so many open-minded, genuine kids at Grayslake North, and we simply want to find a way to celebrate them and give others the opportunity to do something kind as well,” said sponsor Stephanie Church.

This club is open to anyone and even some of the S.O.S. students have joined in on The Kindness Project because they have similar goals as what the kindness club is doing.

“We have happily recruited some S.O.S. members who have a similar vision to help us with our club,” Church said.

Another reason for The Kindness Project merging with S.O.S. is because they are trying to add service to the club and become more active in the community and around the school.

“S.O.S. merged with The Kindness Project as a way to add an element of service to our club.  While we want to focus on recognizing and fostering the kindness that already exists in our school, we also want to promote kindness by providing service to our school and community,” said sponsor Jamie Foate.

Many of the students involved also partake in other kindness events and clubs on top of the kindness project.

“I am in Link Crew, Best Buddies and an editor in yearbook,”  Nelson said.

Many of the caring events that take place at North come from The Kindness Project. They take part in assemblies and fundraisers throughout the school year.

We did some projects for Rachel’s Challenge but are especially proud of the way we try to build community at every meeting as a new club.  We have each person tell about a kind act they either received or witnessed during the week, and we also watch clips of videos that promote kind acts and positive behaviors.  We are looking forward to rolling out new projects in the fall,” Foate said.

They are currently looking for new members to join for the end of this year and carrying on throughout next year and so on.

“The club just started this year, and it’s trying to get more members and be more involved around the school, so we created flyers and put them up,” Nelson said.