Voting registration taken at school for students

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This year, students 17 years old and older are given the opportunity to register to vote in the primaries. The next election will be next year on March 15.
“This will be the primary election, so people will be voting for the members of a party that they want to have go to the actual election,” said senior Ryan Zunker.
There are a few requirements participants need to have before they can register. Students need to bring identification in order to register.
“You need two forms of ID, one needs to have your current address on it, and you need to be a citizen. You prove that through your identification and your social security number,” history teacher Erin Wise said.
Students had the opportunity to register outside of the cafeteria during the week of Sept. 22. Members from the League of Women Voters sat outside of the cafeteria and were able to assist students in the registration process.
“People can go to any place that is certified by Lake County to handle voter registration. [The librarian] Mrs. Karabush is able to sign [students] up,” Zunker said.
There are many ways the students can learn more about voting, such as researching politics or talking to adults.
“I educate people about voting because I have a whole unit on it in all government classes, but the importance of voting is often passed down,” Wise said.
Before voting, one should know the importance of each candidate and make sure that they are the right person they would like to choose.
“Make sure you’re informed. Research the candidates for all the offices and do not just rely on what your parents have told you. Elections are very important,” said senior Aria Vettraino.
Eligible voters look forward to voting this year.