School hosts annual spring Art Show

ll year the art teachers prepare for the Spring Art Show. The Spring Art Show provides students the opportunity to display work from the whole school year in their own hallways that they are most proud of and want to present.

To art teacher Susan Foeckning, the show is a great way to end the year.

“The art show is a final, culminating experience that gives [students] the opportunity to be viewed as an artist and allows others to appreciate their hard work,” she said.

Students work very hard toward their projects, such as junior Rachel Boesch.

“I’ve been working on my self-portrait for about a month now, and I’m still touching up on it until the day comes,” she said

She also added how her teacher has helped her face any struggles she had making her portrait.

“I love Mrs. Bott. She has motivated me so much and helped me work on my proportions. That has helped my project look a lot better,” Boesch


Art teacher Kelly Bott, works hard to motivate students.

“We always encourage students to put their best art work that they created in the last school year as a way to allow others to appreciate their talent,” she said.

After the whole year of hard work from students and teachers, finally on May 7 and 8, teachers put up the stands and feature all the artwork the students created. Local artists came and judged the art work, including art teachers from other schools. Ribbons were awarded to the best pieces, and also five were selected and purchased to be in the school art collection. Out of the whole event, Foeckning feels the best aspect about the art show is the ability to raise awareness about the talented work of the students.

“We love to hear other positive comments and feedback from students, teachers, and staff, and parents. The art show really brings life, a splash of color, and energy and excitement to the school,” she said.