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Bass Fishing Review

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Bass Fishing Review

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The Grayslake North bass fishing team has had a year of tough tournaments, and many of the members are trying to make this last year the best year they can.

One of the tournaments was at Lake Carlyle, and the team produced a nice bag of 5.37 pounds.

“Being on the fishing team is a great experience, and we have a great group of guys,” said junior Nick Dagel.

Some of the things the fishing team does are practice together outside of school, and the students are getting better by the trip.  They show the school why they are important tournament and it shows in how they fish and win tournaments.

The fishing team advanced to the sectional and fished on the north side of the Chain of Lakes.  As the day was long, fishing for 8 hours straight, they overcame this and ended up finishing with a 3.78 pound bag.

The day they faced was challenging, with 3 foot waves hitting the boat and the brisk breeze from the lake.

“We tried everything in our tackle boxes and broke off many times but were still able to pull in a couple keepers,” said senior Trevor Sanderson

The Grayslake North fishing team finished their season without going to state but with gaining a lot of skill and potential for next year.

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Bass Fishing Review