Column: Buckling Down with Buckley

Senior Goodbye: Morgan Buckley

I understand all good things must come to an end. It isn’t until a bit afterwards that it really hits: that’s how I said goodbye. I know I will miss the little things the most. I’ll miss the energy from my friends. I’ll see something that reminds me of a specific teacher and I’ll reminisce about my time with them. It’s the real you don’t know what you missed out on until it’s gone. 

I don’t know what I would do without my group of people. They have helped me so much mentally. I have had my happiest moments with them. I love my family, and I definitely am going to miss my sister Tess when I go on to college.

I’m really going to miss my teachers and having that connection with them. I have heard it is a lot harder for college teachers to know who you are. I have loved almost all of my teachers and really appreciated them. Mr. Hansen is so chill and understanding while having that adult perspective. Mr. Holder has been a helping figure for my friends and is someone who can joke around but be serious with you when needed. Having Ms. Bisevac and Ms. Galluzzi as teachers have inspired me to want to go into education and realize this could be the path for me. Every teacher has had an impact on my life and helped me become the best parts of me.

It feels cheesy to say this in my journalism class, but my journalism teacher Mrs. Smith is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I don’t know where I would be without her. She’s helped me find one of my passions and inspires me to do the most for the newspaper I can.  I always looked up to one of the executive editors from last year, Nadia Hernandez, and I hope I did her justice in my position.

I want to know that when I leave everything will be in good hands. In volleyball, I want the juniors who didn’t get to start this year but will be next year to be welcoming to the incoming juniors and be leaders on the court. I want them to try and break another kind of record.

As I go onto a moment I’ve been excited for since before I even started high school,  I still don’t feel ready to leave yet. To the underclassmen, I’ve learned a lot while here. You grow into your position and you should make the effort to engage and talk with your teachers. It will make school much more interesting. Try to hear as many stories as you can and make strong friendships.