Claire Armstrong
Hello! I'm Claire, a sophomore at Grayslake North High School. This is my second year on staff and my first as an editor. I tend to write in my free time, not just for the newspaper. I'm very interested in fantasy, be it modern in the style of the Dresden Files, or historical like Dungeons and Dragons. Speaking of Dungeons and Dragons, I have become invested in the fates of several characters and then proceeded to ruin their lives. And not just in the backstories. Many of my characters' lives have been ruined by the stupid decisions of my fellow players. I have also led players to their doom when I was the storyteller, so it balances out. As for school, I am a bit apprehensive for this year. Due to my schedule, I am forced to meet new people. Thankfully, I am fortunate to have good teachers and classes of my own choosing. I hope to get to know my classmates better and I want to join some of the clubs this year!

Claire Armstrong, Features Editor

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