2020-2021 Staff

Dane Massey


My name is Dane Massey, and I am a senior at Grayslake North High School. I am an editor. I was in broadcast journalism for most of my high school career, but I decided to transfer to regular journalism to know the true ways of...

Varun Gullapalli


My name is Varun Gullapalli, and I am a sophomore. I love writing, and journalism gives me the opportunity to share my writing with my school and my community. I love writing about opinions and my beliefs on many topics and issues....

Bryan Angeles


My name is Bryan Angeles. I am an editor at the Knight Times. A few things about me are that i like photography, skating, and anime. Ive liked photography since i was a little kid and since then i couldn't put a camera down. I...

Michelle Szul


My name is Michelle Szul, and I'm a senior at Grayslake North High School. This is my second year as a staff member on The Knight Times. My greatest dream is to become a professional journalist and travel across the world to write...

Natalie Smith


I'm a Sophomore at Grayslake North and an editor for the newspaper. I enjoy writing and playing soccer, and I am also on the school's cross country team.

Danielle Broege


My name is Danielle Broege. I am a junior at Grayslake North High School. This is my second year on The Knight Times. I am a editor this year. I am looking forward to writing and becoming a better journalist, but also I'm very...

Morgan Buckley


I am a senior here at North, and it is my third year writing for The Knight Times. I originally took the class during my freshman year but had to drop it my sophomore year due to schedule conflicts. I was able to rejoin my junior...

Oscar Calhoun


My name is Oscar Calhoun, and I attend Grayslake North High School. I am enrolling into my senior year of high school.  A great hobby of mine is baseball. I love this sport very much, and I hope to make it to the next level of...

Destiny Shavers


My name is Destiny. My role on staff is staff reporter. This is my first year on the newspaper. Something that I'm looking forward to is something fun for newspaper. I don't really have hobbies, but I like to watch Netflix.

Paris Nissen


I'm Paris, and I'm a junior at GNHS. This is my first year on staff. I'm excited to try something new this year.

Kevin Zowaski


My name is Kevin Zowaski, and I am a senior at Grayslake North. I play the trumpet, and I love to watch/analyze sports. I am a huge basketball and football fan, but I also enjoy watching baseball. I am looking forward to reporting...

Jaina Castiglia


My name is Jaina Castiglia, and I am a sophomore this year. I will be a reporter this year, as it is my first year being on staff. I am looking forward to getting to write a variety of stories and just get to find what I like...

Victor Martinez


My name is Victor Martinez. This is my first year on the newspaper staff. I am a reporter. I've never done anything like this before. I'm very excited to see what I'll learn and what I'll be doing this year.

Jack Larson


My name is Jack Larson, and I am a reporter for The Knights Times. In school I participate in cross country, bowling, and baseball. Other than sports I contribute in honors societies such as NHS (National Honors Society, Rho Kappa...

Bryan Alvarez


I'm Bryan Alvarez, and I'm a senior in high school and a reporter for the Grayslake North Knight Times. A few things about me is I'm currently 17 years old and I work a part-time job at my local grocery store. Some things I am...

Camden Ellingsen


My name is Camden.  I am a reporter for The Knight Times.  I am looking forward to editing the website.  I am a part of the cross country, bowling, and lacrosse teams at the school.  I like to go on bike rides and other nature...

Lillien Salas


My name is Lillien Salas, and I am currently a staff reporter for The Knight Times. I am looking forward to writing stories and opinion pieces for Grayslake North. I feel that journalism is a great outlet to share your views and...

Kenia Estrada


My name is Kenia Estrada. I'm new and a freshman. I like to sing, dance, and do photography. Also I listen to K-pop, and my favorite group is BTS. I love hanging out with my family and friends. I'm really excited for this school...

Camila Arroyo


My name is Camila Arroyo. I'm a senior this year at Grayslake North High School,  and here at Grayslake North, I am part of the cheerleading team. My role on staff is a reporter, and this is my first time taking this role. So,...

Imani Ongalo


My name is Imani Ongalo, I am a staff reporter at GLNHS. As an incoming freshman, I am eager to have lots of new opportunities. I ran a  junior writing association in elementary school where we wrote short stories for the toddlers...

Isaly Munoz

My name is Isaly Munoz. This is my first year with the newspaper, and I’m really looking forward to learning new things and also having fun! Some of my strengths are that I love love love to write ! In my free time I do makeup,...

Linda Banuelos

My name is Linda Banuelos. I am 17  years old and  also a senior at Grayslake North High School. This is my first year on Knight Times Newspaper. I am looking forward to becoming a better journalist and writer. I have always...

Claire Armstrong

Managing Editor

I'm Claire, a senior at Grayslake North High School. This is my fourth year on staff and my third as an editor. I have mixed hopes for this year, since ADHD and e-learning do not work well together, but I am doing my best to work...