2018-2019 Staff

Courtney Mettler


Hi! My name is Courtney Mettler and I'm a junior at Grayslake North. This is my second year on staff and I'm super excited! Being apart of the school newspaper is so much fun because I get to see the school in a whole new per...

Emily Huculak


Hey! I'm Emily and welcome to my page. I am currently a senior and this is my second year of staff. At the school, I'm currently involved in cheerleading and in the spring I do track. Some facts about me is I love to travel. This...

Ian Doyle

Entertainment Editor

I am a Senior at Grayslake North and I'm the managing editor for The Knight Times. I like theater, watching TV and Netflix, watching YouTube videos, and playing video games. I'm on the bowling team, I'm in theater, and I hope...

Claire Armstrong

Features Editor

Hello! I'm Claire, a sophomore at Grayslake North High School. This is my second year on staff and my first as an editor. I tend to write in my free time, not just for the newspaper. I'm very interested in fantasy, be it modern...

Gracie Schultz

Production Editor

I'm Gracie, I'm the production editor for the North Newspaper and I am a junior. I have been on staff for 2 1/2 years and it's been a great experience for me to learn and grow. I've been dancing for 14 years and plan to major in ...

Zoe M


I'm a freshman here at North, so I'm new to the staff here at Knight Times. I like to spend my free time writing. I'm a pretty imaginative person, so I write practically anything that comes to mind. I joined the newspaper in ho...

Jasmine Monda


I am a freshman here at Grayslake North. I'm kind of a weird person, but also fun and nice. I can be boring, but that's only around people I don't know because I'm not good at conversations. I love coffee, I'm an animal lover, I've been playing soccer ever since I w...

Isaiah McIntyre

Staff reporter

My name is Isaiah McIntyre. I am a junior here at Grayslake north and I have been on staff for a year now and I am extremely excited for the new year on staff and being able to make stories. I am excited for this year because...

Shalynn Billings

Staff Reporter

I am a Junior here at Grayslake North. I was on staff my Freshman year here and really enjoyed it. I decided to come back and write for the newspaper again because I know I'm good at it and would like to help others be good at...

Maggie Walker

Staff Reporter

I'm a sophomore here at Grayslake North and I work in the staff for the school's newspaper. In my free time I do theater and work behind the scenes on the sets for the school's plays. I'm very much looking forward to this year...

Rhiannon Swanson

Staff Reporter

I'm a Junior at Grayslake North and this will by my second year in journalism. I also participate in the Athletic Training program and Link Crew at North. I enjoy spending time with friends and my favorite color is yellow.

Nadia Hernandez

Staff Reporter/ Editor

Welcome to my page, I'm Nadia! This is my second year on staff and my first year as an editor . I am currently involved in Green Room Theater and LINK Crew at Grayslake North. I'm very passionate about writing, reading,  traveling,...

Ellen Stojak

Executive Editor

This is my fourth year in journalism, I am the Executive Editor. I have experience, editing every category but my favorite is News, which is what I am editing this year. I always have a great time on staff, it keeps me involved...