Students, teachers work together to do what is best for classes

November 18, 2020

This semester, students have been required to show their faces during zoom class discussions. Both teachers and students are trying to do what's best for the class, while trying to make the most of remote...

Column: Prominent Politics by Varun

What is the Electoral College, and why we should get rid of it
November 17, 2020

The Electoral College is how we vote for our president in the United States. According to the website of the Secretary of State of California, ”the candidate who gets the most votes wins the ‘electoral...

Column: Informational Imani

Dressing up is more than just clothes
November 12, 2020

  Fashion has changed exponentially during these past few years.  Now in modern times, there are a plethora of styles and/or aesthetics. Style has broadened its range and brought so many...

Column: Let’s talk about it!

Column: Let's talk about it!
The growing issue of gentrification in America
November 8, 2020

The Little Village Plaza Mall in Chicago was just bought for 17.5 million dollars by Novak construction, and it is another example of the growing issue of gentrification in America. Many members of...

Staff Editorial: Everyone’s vote matters

October 30, 2020

Every election you hear: it’s important to vote, now more than ever. What makes this year different from those other years? Yes there is a presidential election this year, but with the electoral college,...

Nadia Hernandez Senior Goodbye

Nadia Hernandez Senior Goodbye
May 16, 2020

I imagined the day where I would have to write this, and I imagined my last day in journalism class where we would be all together recounting the past four years like they were yesterday. I dreamed of...

Miranda Rogina Senior Goodbye

May 15, 2020

Leaving high school is one of the most bittersweet experiences. On one hand, I am excited to see what the future has in store for me, but on the other hand, I can’t possibly imagine my life away from...

Gracie Schultz Senior Goodbye

Gracie Schultz Senior Goodbye
May 13, 2020

I have thought of so many ways to write this, and all of them just seem wrong. I can’t even put into words the experiences I had at North. It’s very weird looking back on all the years I was in high...

Shalynn Billings Senior Goodbye

Shalynn Billings Senior Goodbye
May 13, 2020

High school has honestly been one of the hardest four years of my life, but it has also been one of the most eventful parts of it. I thought I knew who I was walking into my first day freshman year on...

This unprecedented time calls for unity

April 24, 2020

At the unprecedented time, we must remain physically apart; however, this time also calls for unity. The Grayslake community makes efforts to support each other even though we cannot be together. It’s...

Simple Schultz: The importance of animals in my life

March 16, 2020

Animals are definitely an important part of my life. I’ve always had an abundance of animals thriving throughout my house, and I had never really realized how important they were to me until a few years...

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