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Frau Palain, Von: Deutsch 3

May 14, 2019

Im März sind wir nach Madison gefahren, um einen Wettbewerb zu machen. Seit 30 Jahren macht UW Madison German Day. Dieses Jahr war das Motto ,,Stärker Zusammen.” Was bedeutet ,,Stärker Zusammen’’ für dich? Alle schülern haben sehr hart gearbeitet und waren stolz auf sich. Wir denken, dass...

Ed Moore

Claire Armstrong

May 14, 2019

Hall monitors have to keep the students safe in the classroom and are more than just security guards. Ed Moore has been an employee at North for twelve years, and he worked as a hall monitor for two. “I ran the suspension room for fourteen years, and I’ve been doing this for the past two years....

Students Take a Trip to Martinique

Students Take a Trip to Martinique

Rhiannon Swanson, Opinion Editor

May 14, 2019

Over spring break, some French students and the French teachers stayed on the island of Martinique as a way to truly receive the French island experience. “We wanted to immerse our students in the culture of a Francophone country. We found that traveling is the best way to incorporate authentic...

Deb Cartwright

Shalynn Billings, Feature Editor

May 14, 2019

Security guards are all around the school to keep students safe, but it’s not every day students take the time to get to know the people keeping them safe. Deb Cartwright is one of the many security guards around the school. She is most often seen making sure buses run smoothly, and she is always at...

Mayo está ocupado con Cinco de Mayo y Endgame

escrito por las clases de Cultura y Comunicación de Señora Baker, las clases de Cultura y Comunicación de Señora Baker

May 14, 2019

Avengers Endgame ¿Has oído de Avengers Endgame? Si no has escuchado de esta película, ¿por qué no empiezas de aprender de uno de los eventos cinemáticos más anticipados en el periódico escolar. Esta película significa el fin de una serie de superhéroes creado por Stan Lee (RIP) de Marvel producida...

Grayslake North, and Central students travel to Martinque

Caroline Riss and Kammryn Richards, French Students

May 14, 2019

Martinique est une belle île dans la mer des Caraïbes. C’est une île qui fait partie de la France alors ils utilisent l’Euro et votent dans les élections françaises. C’est une île tropicale avec 120 plages de sable noir, blanc et brun. Tout le monde parle français et créole. Du 22 au 29...

Knight’s Way will host BBQ for community

Shalynn Billings, Features Editor

May 14, 2019

Grayslake North is always finding new and fun activities for students to participate in and see what works. Grayslake North was going to be having a talent show in April; however, not enough students signed up for it. “We’re still learning and figuring out when is the best time to do things,...

MUSE allows students to showcase creativity

Ian Doyle, Managing Editor

May 14, 2019

The various fine arts clubs and classes around the school held their annual art show MUSE on May 1, celebrating all of the art and creativity of their students. In the balcony above the cafeteria, various photos, paintings, and sculptures were put on display for the whole week. Awards were given...

Seniors receive scholarships for school

Courtney Mettler, Sports Editor

May 14, 2019

As seniors make their decisions about their futures, many at North are getting rewarded with academic, athletic, and art scholarships. Senior Carley Edwards received an athletic scholarship from the Chick Evans Scholar program. She was awarded a full ride to the University of Illinois back in March....

Les élèves de Français 2 et 2 Enrichi au centre-ville

Crystal Ramirez - French 2 Honors

March 20, 2019

Le 5 mars 2019, les classes de Français 2 enrichi et Français 2 sont  allées en bus à Chicago. A Chicago, il y avait le Marché Français (French Market)  et le Musée de Chicago (Chicago Art Institute). Le 41 élèves sont allés à Chicago pour avoir le déjeuner au Marché Français et aussi...

Semana de Lengua Extranjera

Por la clase de 3 honores -Sra. Lopez Per 2

March 20, 2019

Lunes, el 4 de marzo hasta viernes, el 8 de marzo celebramos la semana de lengua extranjera en clase y en nuestra escuela. Cada año hay un tema diferente del grupo Alpha Mu Gamma. Este ano el tema es “Lenguajes son las llaves al mundo.” En las clases de francés, español, y alemán los estudiantes...

30th German Day

Deutsch 3H - Frau Palaian

March 20, 2019

Am Donnerstag der 14te März fahren Frau P und Deutsch 3H nach The University of Wisconsin Madison um ein wettbewerb zu machen. Seit 30 Jahren macht UW Madison German Day. Es ist eine gute möglichkeit für schülern/innen Deutsch zu benutzen. Es gibt sieben verschiedene wettbewerb und die Schülern...