School participates in multiple drives

The drives that North participated in all went to those in need.

Michelle Szul, Maggie Walker, Staff Reporter, Sports Editor

December 10, 2019

There are many different opportunities to help support the community. One way that the school is involved with the support is through a multitude of drives throughout the school year, but especially during the holiday season. Soldier Drive The Soldier Drive is a student lead project that was run...

North hosts exchange student from Chile

Shalynn Billings, Entertainment Editor

December 10, 2019

Alonso Fuentes came to North in mid-October from Santiago, Chile, after he had found out he had family in American and wanted to spend a year getting to know them and going to school here. Alonso didn’t arrive at the beginning of the school year like a regular exchange student does; everything he...

Deacon takes on new role

Claire Armstrong, News Editor

December 10, 2019

Dawn Deacon’s recent promotion to the special education department chair allows her to better help students not only in high school, but also as they transition from middle school to high school, and even into college and beyond. “I help the special education teachers advocate for students to get...

West manages football team

Isaiah McIntyre, Sports Editor

December 10, 2019

Jakub West is a manager for the varsity football team. West is also a part of the Special Olympics basketball team and LBC program. West also enjoys track because he likes participating in throwing for the track & field team. Jakub’s favorite sports are football and track. He has liked football...

How some athletes get away with harassment

Natalie Smith, Staff Reporter

December 10, 2019

Pro athletes in a modern day society should be role models not only for little kids to look up to but also for teenagers. Instead of this being the case, many of these athletes are committing crimes like sexual harassment or assualt and getting away with it. This privilege starts from a young age when...

Human Rights Month celebrates equality

Gracie Schultz, Co-Executive Editor

December 10, 2019

Throughout the course of recent years, the idea of human rights has become more and more of a topic to talk about. With the month of December being Human Rights Awareness Month, the school and community all share their opinions about what human rights means to them specifically. “Human rights is an...

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month offers support

Danielle Broege, Staff Reporter

December 10, 2019

Many students and their families have relatives around them that have suffered from Alzheimer’s. There are support groups, awareness groups, counselors, and social workers to help those who are affected by Alzheimers. There are over 5.8 million cases of Alzhiemers in the U.S. per year, according to...

Disney Week 2019 promotes inclusivity in students

Claire Armstrong, News and Entertainment Editor

December 10, 2019

Today’s society is reliant on reading and literacy, especially in schools, so it is more important than ever to acknowledge learning disabilities like dyslexia, ADHD, and less common ones that affect reading and writing. Dyslexia is a fairly common reading disability, according to dyslexi...

Dangers of human trafficking affect community, nation

Nadia Hernandez, Co-Executive Editor

December 10, 2019

There is a common misconception that human trafficking does not occur within the United States; however, Polaris, a non profit organization for awareness, recorded 37,400 cases in the U.S. from 2007 to 2017. Victims are often lured through lying, manipulation, and coercion. Victims range from children...

History of Halloween

Brain Kenebrew, Staff Reporter

November 7, 2019

ny people at North are excited for the trick or treating and the family festivities. Many students like senior Jack Winters, “[remembers] trick or treating as a kid,” and many staff are like Rob Nicoletti who “ [enjoys] taking his kids trick or treating and celebrating with my family.” Why...

Campaigns celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2019

Miranda Rogina, News and Sports Editor

November 7, 2019

Breast Cancer Awareness month is here, and GNHS wants their students to be aware of certain ways students can make a difference. To make a difference, students can start with very simple tasks such as joining walks or 5Ks. Spreading awareness for breast cancer is important because it reduces the stigma...

Students, faculty raise cultural awareness

Nadia Hernandez, Co- Executive Editor

November 7, 2019

As people celebrated Halloween season, students were advised to remain aware of cultural appropriation. This is when someone takes aspects from one culture and uses it without knowing the full history and meaning. Many large costume brands will sell costumes that are offensive to minority groups. Examples...