Time is running out to sign up for the AAPPL exam

Valerie Padgett-Krasue, World Languages Department Chair

February 11, 2020

The AAPPL exam is currently offered 3 times a year at Grayslake North High School. This exam is taken in the World Language Lab and has been growing in popularity in recent years due to an Illinois Law that was passed. This law requires Illinois colleges and universities to award credit to students who...

Les Fêtes dans la Classe de Français

Brooke Meadowcroft

February 11, 2020

Dans la classe de français on célèbre beaucoup de fêtes. A la fin du premier semestre, il y avait une grande fête de Noël dans ma classe d’AP. On a fait beaucoup des choses comme manger du fromage et du pain, décorer des bisquits, et reguarder des films. C’était trés amusant, mais en particulier...

Students move to America from different countries

Michelle Szul, Staff Reporter

February 11, 2020

To some it is difficult to start over in a new school, but it is even harder when that new school is in a different country. According to Cis.org “almost one out of four (23 percent) public school students in the United States came from an immigrant household in 2015. As recently as 1990 it was 11...

Stereotypes regarding immigration vary greatly

Michelle Szul, Staff Reporter

February 11, 2020

If you ask each individual that lives in America about their opinion or perspective of immigration, the answers will vary greatly, ranging from support to intense anger. The word immigrant has become a hateful and bitter word for some, or a pawn for political debates and underlying racism. The United...

Andersen balances work with her passion

Natalie Smith, Staff Reporter

February 11, 2020

Some staff at Grayslake North are not only working this job alone, but also one after or before school. One of these people are Jenny Andersen, not only is she the student assistance program coordinator but she is also a therapist. Andersen doesn’t see this job as a chore, instead she sees it as giving...

Neilson owns business

Claire Armstrong, News Editor

February 11, 2020

Starting in the summer of 2009, Practical Service Practicum teacher Harper Neilson has owned and operated her own photography business called HarperLLD Photography. “I started by making videos of weddings in 2002,” Neilson said. “But I got tired of giving business to the other professional photographers...

Bussone plays in band

Gracie Schultz, Co-Executive Editor

February 11, 2020

Personal finance and entrepreneurship teacher Tony Bussone not only teaches here at North, but he also plays in multiple bands throughout the community. Bussone has been playing the drums since a young age and after playing for a few years, it came to his realization that drumming was something he wanted...

Ellington places third at ILMEA competition

Bryan Angeles, Staff Reporter

February 11, 2020

Senior James Ben Ellington placed third in the ILMEA Student Composition Contest. Ellington recently made it to State for submitting an instrumental composition titled “Nature,” to the ILMEA Student Composition Contest. Nature took third place in the Large Ensemble Category. The piece that Ben wrote...

Teachers focus on their purpose, lesson plans

Morgan Buckley, News Editor

February 11, 2020

A #whyandwill project was created by principal Dr. Jim Roscoe to showcase why teachers teach and what they are willing to do to achieve their why. “Everyone can state their why. To me that’s the easy part. The hard part, and what separates in my opinion good schools from great schools, is the will,”...

New laws affect Illinois residents

Miranda Rogina, Sports and News Editor

February 11, 2020

In this new year, there have been many new laws passed in Illinois, some more concerning than others. One concerning matter is the fact that not everyone knows what new laws were passed or why they were passed. “A concern always is that there isn’t always a lot of information shared about what the...

Legalization of marijuana goes into affect in Janurary

Rhiannon Swanson, Managing Editor

February 11, 2020

Taboo, a social or religious custom prohibiting or forbidding discussion of a particular practice or forbidding association with a particular person, place, or thing. In today’s society, it may be hard to find topics that are fitting under this word. However, despite the growing numbers of acceptance,...

Una excursión a Chicago

Por la clase de Sra. Lopez, Español 3 honores

December 10, 2019

Jueves el 14 de noviembre y viernes, el 15 de noviembre las clases de Español 3 y 3 Honores fueron al barrio Pilsen en Chicago. Pasamos mucho tiempo en el bus. Empezamos con una caminata por las calles de Pilsen. Miramos los murales en los muros o paredes. También fuimos a una panadería y compramos...