Le Club Français de Grayslake North

Kelechi Akalaonu, French Club Member

September 27, 2018

Bonjour, je m’appelle Kelechi Akalaonu. J’ai quinze ans et je suis dans la dixième année ici à Grayslake North. Je suis un étudiant de français, et je l’adore beaucoup. J’ai trouvé que le français et très facile, et la langue la plus intéressante du monde, à mon avis. C’était il...

El club de español es para todos

Vivian Morales, Spanish Club Member

September 27, 2018

Mi primer año de la preparatoria era un viento de emociones.¿Quién era yo? ¿Qué iba a ser? Mi mente estaba llena de preguntas. Preguntas que pensé nunca encontraría las respuestas, hasta que lo hice. El club de español era un lugar donde todos pertenecen. Donde las personas de todas las culturas...

Zoe Schweitzer

Shalynn Billing, Staff Reporter

September 26, 2018

This school year invites three new students from other countries to be a part of the North Knight’s family, one of which is Zoe Schweitzer from France. Zoe is a fun spirited and independent girl who is excited to be here. Back home in France, she enjoyed working out and doing jiu jitsu. She also...

Elisa Rossi

Maggie Walker, Staff Reporter

September 26, 2018

Grayslake may seem like a small town to North students, but to the Italian exchange student, Elisa Rossi, it’s a whole new world. Every year, Grayslake North takes on exchange students from around the world. The students are welcomed into the school and town. “It very different from my Italian...

What freshmen should know

Rhiannon Swanson, Sports Editor

September 26, 2018

Coming into high school is a very nerve wracking experience, and any student that is asked will say there are things they wish they knew their freshman year. One of the scariest things is trying to find a good hobby and meeting people. “I think freshmen should know that they should participate in...

Student Council organizes “Around the World In One Knight”

Student Council organizes “Around the World In One Knight”

Nadia Hernandez, Features Editor

September 26, 2018

Every year, Student Council chooses a new theme for the annual Homecoming dance and for spirit week. They work together with sponsors to plan everything down to themes, ticket sales, advertising, and the pep rally. “Students should have a voice in what we do and how things run. I want them to enjoy...

Many faces of North: Miguel Barao

Zoe Meredith, Staff Reporter

September 26, 2018

Miguel Barao is an exchange student from Portugal who is calling Grayslake home for a year. Barao is a sophomore currently staying with senior Jack Clearwater and his family.  According to Barao, his host family is extremely kind and did a lot to help him settle in. He said that Jack helped him out...

Teachers earn more degrees

Nadia Hernandez, Features Editor

September 26, 2018

Teachers reflect within their careers on the impact of getting their degrees. Many teachers have a master’s in the subjects they teach, education, or are certified in English as a Second Language (ESL). “I got started on my master’s as soon as I could to get a head start. It took about another...

History Fair students advance to State

Michelle Jimenez

May 11, 2018

Eleven juniors moved on to the State History Fair following the Sectional competition last month. “History Fair just completed it's Sectional competition, so they've only just announced who will be attending the state competition though we're still waiting on performances and documentaries,” ...

La clase de AP Spanish Literature les da a estudiantes oportunidades

Esmeralda Mojica

May 7, 2018

La clase de AP Spanish Literature me ha ayudado a ser más observante y me ha mejorado en cuestión de literatura. La clase te da la oportunidad de expresarte profundamente a través de varias obras literarias. Al estar leyendo varios cuentos, poemas, crónicas, novelas, etc. uno ve ciertas cosas en...

AP Spanish Literature teaches students about culture, literature

Alex Almanza

May 7, 2018

Throughout my year as an AP Spanish Literature student, I have learned so much about my own culture and the ways in which it has evolved as the centuries go by. From reading medieval stories to modern day poetry, I have thoroughly enjoyed this class, alongside some of the tightest knit group of peers...

Frau P Frühstück

Von Lauren Keegan

May 7, 2018

Jeden zweiten Freitag Morgen, Frau Palaian hat eine Gruppe, die nur Deutsch spricht organisiert. Die Gruppe trifft sich in Zimmer A150 um sieben Uhr. Alle Deutsch Schülern oder jemand, der mitmachen möchte, kann kommen. Ich lerne Deutsch seit ein Jahr und ich habe viel dieses Jahr gelernt. Ich fühle...