Poms finishes successful season

The recent results of the poms Sectional competition shocked the school as well as the team after a promising season. There were high hopes of them placing top six for State, but instead they received 11 out of 15 teams at Sectionals and failed to journey onto State.

“[Before sectionals] we got second place in our division in the Fox Valley Conference,” said senior and team captain Karolina Ptasinski.

This year’s routine was different than what the team has done in past years.

“We have a lot more technique and difficulty this year. We don’t have a direct ‘theme’ like Jaws last year. Our theme this year is Fire/Explosion, but it’s like we’re acting it out like last year,” Ptasinski said. “I like it much better because it is more about dancing and showing things through our poms. It’s more about the movements rather than the music and the facial expressions.”

Although the real reason is still in question, there are speculations regarding the surprising results.

“To be completely honest, I do not have an explanation for the surprising results at Sectionals. All year we have placed so well, and this was a devastating loss, especially because it was one of our best performances of the season. There was inconsistency with the judging, and unfortunately, we took the brunt of that. All I can say is that I am so proud of my team’s accomplishments all season, and I want my girls to know that there is absolutely nothing they could have done better at Sectionals. While my girls deserve to be performing at the State competition this weekend, we are accepting the results with grace, keeping a positive attitude, and remembering all of our successes this season,” said varsity coach Keeley Thode.

Whatever the case, the team has high hopes for the rest of the season.

“My goal is to continue to push my girls to be the best dancers, athletes, students, and people they can be. A placement at any competition does not define who the GNHS Dance Team is or ever will be. These girls are hard-working, motivated and will continue to grow this season and the years to follow,” Thode said.

The girls have individual goals as well.

“I really want to be All Conference for my senior year,” said senior Taylor Wood. “It’s important to me because it shows how dedicated I am to dance and how much I have accomplished this year.”

Overall, though, the disappointing results will not kill the team’s spirits.

“I love being able to have twenty one sisters,” Ptasinski said. “We can all be ourselves and we push and motivate each other.”