Classes, clubs look for new volunteer opportunities


Photo by Oscar Calhoun

Sophomore Gus Calhoun drops clothes off at North for the FBLA clothing drive.

There has been a significant shift in volunteering for those who have classes and people who are wanting to make a change for the best in their communities. Many students and people in the surrounding communities of Grayslake North High School are wanting to spread awareness about clothing drives and volunteers to collect things for those in need. 

The Future Business Leaders of America, FBLA, has been trying to set up a clothing drive and going to Feed My Starving Children, but this is challenging because of the circumstance that they are being put into and making sure everyone is staying healthy.  

“Right now we are just trying to help the local communities and trying our best to spread the awareness ]for people who want to help those who need it most during times like this,”  said Harper Neilson, advisor of the FBLA. 

Neilson also had added that they are all still a work in progress depending on whether they are able to attend these special events. Neilson had discussed where they would like to see the FBLA. 

 “We would like to see FBLA do things it hasn’t quite done before, and the events we do have such an impact, especially with Pads with the PSP students,” Neilson said.

The Public Service Practicum class, PSP,  has also been struggling with the volunteering portion. PSP is a class where students donate goods and services for the surrounding communities and for their own well-being.

Mr. Sermak would like the students to take away all the knowledge, community work, and volunteering and to put it forward toward their own futures because everyone can use it in an everyday lifestyle.  

“PSP engages in community service, public service, and civic engagement that the students will put forward going in life,” Sermak said. 

PSP is working on a project that will hopefully tell people to shop locally and help the local restaurants and stores. 

“For the campaign, we are trying to encourage people to shop locally for the holidays, and the other part is trying to work with local restaurants to get a sense of how we may help them,” Sermak said.

Senior Hannah Kregel is a PSP student with Sermak as a teacher. Her class is working on a project that they can hopefully spread awareness about to make a change. 

“I am doing this class because it’s not like every other class. It’s project-based where you can do projects that help the community with many others in the class,” Kregel said. 

PSP and FBLA are two groups out to make a change and have people who want to make a difference even while all of these obstacles are in their way during this time.

“The most important aspect is being able to help and serve your community and also to remember that no one is perfect and that you need help once in a while. Help is never a bad thing,” Kregel said. 

 This pandemic has impacted so many communities and traditions all around. According to Mrs. Nielson these holidays and these moments in time will be remembered for those who continue to help and for those who want to help and make a stand.