Students, teachers work together to do what is best for classes

This semester, students have been required to show their faces during zoom class discussions. Both teachers and students are trying to do what’s best for the class, while trying to make the most of remote learning.

Many teachers, students and staff find cameras very helpful during this difficult time.

“I’ve heard from parents. I’ve heard from staff. I’ve heard from kids how much better class is, how much more engaging kids are with staff,” said principal Dr. James Roscoe.

While some students embrace cameras being on, others do not. Some students at Grayslake North High School have signed a petition against the requirement of cameras.

“I’ve heard about a petition, and I haven’t seen one. A third party is how I found out about it, and I appreciate it. Student voice is powerful, and we want you all to have a voice in what’s going on. It is a district decision and not a Grayslake North rule, so to speak. Although I do appreciate the cameras, but again the student voice is a powerful piece, and if students have concerns or questions, I want to make sure they are answered,” Roscoe said.

Many students might be concerned about COVID absences from missing class or not being able to log onto class; however, COVID absences are not a mark against one’s attendance.

“The COVID absences is not our official attendance; it’s an internal piece for us to let us know what students are possibly having issues paying attention, and it can be a number of things. A student can have technical issues. Now if a student clearly has left the class, or clearly has logged on and their screen is black, it is addressed by the teacher first, and if it continues or the teacher can’t find a solution, then it goes to the counselor and dean just to have a conversation to figure out what’s going on,” Roscoe said.

Teachers and students have to determine what is best for their class, this way everyone involved in remote class gets the best learning experience. Even though it is hard, having cameras on is one way to achieve the best learning experience.