Review: “Employee of the Month”


An original movie, “Employee Of The Month” revolves around two shop employees who compete for the affection of their newest co-worker. This movie is a comedy and partly romantic, and it will just put a smile on your face. 

Chris Conroy grew up in Brackenridge, Pennsylvania – a small town just north of Pittsburgh. His father, Kevin, works at a printing press and his mother, Diane, is a painter and caretaker. His childhood revolved around education, religion, and sports.

Don Calame is an accomplished screenwriter and the award-winning author of four novels, Swim the Fly (Candlewick Press, 2009), Beat the Band (Candlewick Press, 2011), Call the Shots (Candlewick Press, 2013) and Dan Versus Nature (Candlewick Press, 2016). Don lives with his wife and dogs in the Pacific Northwest.

Zack and Vince are rival co-workers at Super Club, the country’s largest bulk-discount retailer but, while Vince is on the fast-track at Super Club, Zack’s laid-back approach to work holds him back. That all changes when a new cashier, named Amy, transfers to their store. Zack is instantly smitten, but Amy prefers Vince. Zack determines that the only way to win her is to win his store’s most coveted honor.

Zach is very interested in winning employee of the month just to win Amy over, he loses many friends because of the choice he is making to just impress Amy. The others will support him at first until he changes into a whole new person. Throughout the whole movie, Zach is changing very much but it’s not best for him, it’s a change that isn’t good for him or towards his other friendships at work.  

I enjoy this because I am a person who loves a good laugh and to see it change throughout the movie. For people who enjoy comedies, I would recommend this movie more to those people who like action and romance movies. Characters were faced with the toughest decisions throughout the movie that changes were taken and friendships were formed and broken throughout the movie. 

Although the movie may be from 2006, the movie overall has its message on not to lose yourself and change yourself for one person, people should like you for you. The movie is once again both funny and romantic and I truly recommend this movie if you like the topics that were listed.