Lady Knights Rolling

Moving into the home stretch of the season, the Lady Knights sit atop the Conference, poised to make a push in the postseason.

Much of that success has come due to the scoring ability of senior guard Kendall Detweiler, who reached the 1000 career point mark earlier this season.

“It feels amazing to have reached my 1000 point mark because it just shows my four years of effort as a varsity player. I’ve been so lucky to play with a bunch of different groups of girls, that have helped me out immensely. A lot of the credit should be given to my teammates and my coach who have been the ones to really help me develop,” Detweiler said.

Kendall isn’t the only reason that they are winning. A lot of hard work has gone into being successful this season.

“I knew coming into this season that it was going to be different from last year and that it was going to be a big adjustment, but we’ve been very successful, pending on the difficult teams we have played.  I’m proud of the girls for coming together and working hard to get to where we are now. I wouldn’t want it any other way,” said senior forward Brittney Thibeaux.

Those difficult teams that they have beat or contended with are annual competitors in the postseason: competitors that they might see again.

“We have faced several tough of opponents this season including Vernon Hills who has gone to state the last 2 years and has a good chance to do so again this season. We were fortunate to get a win against them.  In our conference, Grayslake Central and Crystal Lake Central have been very good this year: we were fortunate to get 2 wins against Crystal Lake Central, and we had two victories over Grayslake Central,” said head coach Nate Flannery.

Despite the tough competition, they are ready to make a push to State.

“We do not have our Regional assignments yet, but our Sectional field is extremely competitive and includes teams ranked in the state and Rolling Meadows who is ranked in the country,” Flannery said.

They certainly want to get farther than last year, after a narrow defeat to heavy contender Zion-Benton.

“Last year we became Conference champs but we lost in Regionals against Zion-Benton, so I would like this year to end with our team to winning Regionals and maybe more than that,” Thibeaux said.

The question is how far will they go.

“How far we go in the post season depends solely on us. We have the ability to play with all the 4a teams. It’s just a matter of proving ourselves and working hard,” Detweiler said.

No matter how far they go or how well they do, they still are losing some key pieces that will need to be replaced for next season.

“We will be losing five seniors in Sam Karnuth, Kendall Detweiler, Ashley Martineau, Brittney Thibeaux and Shannon Myers.  The impact they have had on the program is tremendous both on and off the court and all of them will be greatly missed,” Flannery said.