Review: “The Notebook”

Movie poster of 2004 movie

Movie poster of 2004 movie “The Notebook” directed by Nick Cassavetes.

“The Notebook” is a classic, heart-wrenching movie that is beloved by many and extremely well known, but it leaves something to be desired, and that something is love. While being loved by many, it is also disliked by many for being cliche and predictable.

With excellent cinematography and acting, it is hard to not appreciate “The Notebook” for its excellent storytelling. The plot also has a twist at the end, a sad, sweet twist that is not necessarily the most well received.

Starting the movie with a woman getting told a story, the boy in the story, Noah Calhoun, starts dating a girl, Allie, even though they are from different socioeconomic backgrounds. He buys and remodels a house for her, even when she is told to leave him because he is a laborer. She eventually does leave him.

They later get back together. He writes a letter every day for a year, all 365 days, hoping for a response and he never gets one back. He does so much to be with her, knowing that it was not over when she left.

Later on in the story, she finally receives those letters, when it is revealed that her mother had taken every single one of them and kept them from her. When Allie is trying on dresses for her wedding to another man, Noah finally remodels the house to be the way Allie wanted it to be. He gets featured in the paper, and when she sees the picture of him standing in front of the house he had built for her, she faints.

A bittersweet movie, “The Notebook” is a classic movie that has inspired many other movies and makes the people watching it long for a relationship like Noah and Allie’s.