Clubs meet virtually this fall

Clubs and activities are still meeting this year, and they are starting virtually on Zoom. 

SAGA is one club that is meeting on Zoom, and it meets all year round. They meet every other Thursday from 3:30-4:30 p.m. National Honor Society is another club that is holding their meetings on Zoom. Pen and Paper, while meeting on Zoom,  is allowing students to join whenever they want, and it runs all year round.

SAGA is a club where all are welcome. Students can go to relate, talk, and make friends. Students do not have to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community to join, but for those who are, this might be worth looking into.

“The thing I love most about SAGA is that it becomes a support system; it’s a place where kids can just come and be themselves and be with their friends and be comfortable. It’s for anybody it; doesn’t have to be specifically for kids in the LGBTQ+ community. It’s just a place to be relaxed and hang out, ” said SAGA sponsor Robyn Steinmetz.

Even though adjusting to Zoom is hard, SAGA is looking forward to a possible merger between Central’s club. SAGA wants to merge with their SAGE.

“I would like to team up with Central’s SAGE. We have SAGA; Central has SAGE. I would like to merge our groups so that kids can have that cross school social interaction,” Steinmetz said.

SAGA is all about supporting the students at North while NHS is all about supporting the community. NHS is involved in lots of volunteer work and work in the community. They run or volunteer at many events year-round.

“The club is based upon really just academic leadership but also in particular service. We want people to participate in our club who really care about helping out in the community,” said NHS sponsor Erin Wise.

NHS is a club students have to be invited into. It’s based on grades and has multiple requirements, such as GPA, leadership, service and character. “For us, a lot of it has to do with students that we trust and students that are willing to go out and really put the time into their communities. It’s a lot. We do have a number of requirements for our students. They have to get so many hours per year, and they have to get those hours through things that they do on their own, which we call non-NHS hours so that would be a way for them to simply go out on their own and find somewhere to help in the community, but then we require NHS hours as well,” Wise said.

While NHS is an invitational club, Pen & Paper is not. Students can join whenever. Pen & Paper is a writing and reading club where expressing yourself through words is something they value and find magical. 

“We write creatively, talk and discuss writing and our pieces, and we also typically run Coffee House which is basically North’s talent show, through the arts,” said co-sponsor of Pen and Paper Julia Burkel.

With all the clubs starting, all students have to do is email the club manager, and they will explain how to join. The list of activities and sponsor names can be found on the One Stop Knight Shop.