Review: “The Mandalorian”


There is a new season of “The Mandalorian” on its way. Was season 1 any good?  “The Mandalorian” was a very good show for Star Wars fans that gave a great back story to the Star Wars movies.  A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away,  this show takes place at the end of the Mandalorian Era, and it came before the Star Wars movies.

In Season 1, Mando, who is the main character, is an intergalactic bounty hunter who is sent on a quest by the Empire to capture Baby Yoda and turn him in when he decides to rescue the kid from a guaranteed demise.  They then go on many adventures around the galaxy trying to hide the kid from the Empire.

In Episode 1, Mando is sent on a mission to rescue Baby Yoda. And in Episode 2, Mando decides to rescue Baby Yoda from Empire control after learning its powers.

This show was an amazing watch.  Each episode is about 45 mins long, so viewers can still get lots of new occurrences with each episode.  The story has good momentum and is fun to follow.

Final Score:  I scored this show 9/10. Viewers must pay attention while watching or else they may get lost.  The show is very well-produced, and the special effects resemble the Star Wars movies.  While watching, viewers may forget that it is a show and mistake it for a movie.  Everyone can easily tell that they really worked hard to make this show look like it belongs in the official Star Wars universe.