Holiday traditions adjust to pandemic

Halloween is only days away. Thanksgiving is weeks away, and there are many families and kids who are ready for the holidays. This year is full of surprises along with how the holidays are going to be this year compared to last year.

Last year, people ran around, went to a Halloween party and just enjoyed Halloween. This year is different in many ways, but that doesn’t mean people still can’t make the most of it.

The Larson family holds a neighborhood party only with a couple of families, and they are going to continue with doing so this year as well as following the COVID-19 guideline.

“I will respect people’s space, and they can do what they feel like is right and others will respect it also,” parent Ray Larson said.

Senior Matthew Bucich loves being able to celebrate Halloween with his friends and family. This year has changed, but it doesn’t mean it takes the fun away from the party.

“I will go out and take precautions during Halloween, and I will be spending time with friends and family, ” Bucich said.

Senior Luke Lenning also loves being alongside with his friends and family.

“I hope to hang out and just enjoy Halloween with my best friends and family, while being safe,” Lenning said.

Larson loves seeing everyone having fun and loves seeing everyone enjoying one another.

“I respect everyone’s decision and thoughts about this Halloween, but I also like seeing the kids enjoy the party and each other,” Larson said.

The Thanksgiving parade is a tradition, and the sanctity of those with families to enjoy their Thanksgiving with their loved ones. The parade this year will not be in person but will go virtual to keep the tradition going, but it doesn’t mean people can’t make the most of it. Families now think is it worth it to go to relatives’ houses or even do the traditional Thanksgiving.

Larson will continue to go through with the traditional Thanksgiving with his family, and they will travel for once.

“Normally we would host or have family close by do so, but this year the whole family is doing something new. So we will be having it in Florida this year,” Larson said.

Bucich will continue to do his family tradition by traveling to Arizona to see family, and he will stay with his family to spend Thanksgiving down there.

“I usually travel for Thanksgiving to Arizona and stay with family. It’s a traditional thing my family does, and we hope everything goes as planned,” Bucich said.

Lenning is debating whether or not it’s worth going out of state for Thanksgiving this year because of the pandemic  and making sure that his family is safe.

“This year is going to be tough with Thanksgiving and spending it with my grandparents like we usually do, but hopefully we can pull it off and I can see them,” Lenning said.

People will go on with their holidays, but they see and realize how much has changed from last year and the traditions and compare it to this year. The pandemic has impacted so many communities and traditions all around. These holidays and these moments in time will be remembered, and for those who continue with tradition will do so with following the regulations of this pandemic.