Opposing Viewpoints on the Election

October 29, 2020

Kevin’s Key Ideas

Election day is on Tuesday, and people do not know what to expect. The 2020 race has been a very long and drawn out race, with tons of drama. Although some people believe Joe Biden will help out our country with health care and Corona, what they don’t realize is the amount of money Joe Biden plans to spend on his plan.

Donald Trump has many policies that will ensure that we will succeed economically and politically, but people question if Trump actually cares about the people or just himself. I believe that Donald Trump has made several mistakes in the past, like not using a mask. Although that may be the case, can Joe Biden really lead our great country? Right now, the election is a tossup and anyone could win, but there will for sure be controversy no matter the decision.

According to CRFB.org, Donald Trump’s campaign plan will raise the debt by 5-7 trillion dollars, as Biden’s plan will put us in debt anywhere from 6-8.5 trillion dollars. I think the media is very much against Donald Trump, as there is a stigma that he is a racist and does not care about the country’s best interest. Many celebrities have spoken out on social media against Trump, but there have also been tons of celebrities, even African American celebrities, that endorse Trump.

There have been tons of protests and riots everywhere around the country, and Mr. Trump knows and hears the people. While many protests have been very effective and peaceful, some left wing groups have taken over cities, such as Seattle, and there have been many dangerous riots.

In the current political environment, it is very hard to please everyone. No matter the outcome of the election, there will always be people that are upset and complain about something. Trump has lowered the corporate tax rate which helps businesses support funding for research and development. He also put lots of tariffs on China, which will continue our economic growth. The corporate taxes will also ensure more jobs. No matter your opinion on who you believe should win, the country is at a split right now, and people will continue to feel unjustly treated.

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Claire’s Candid Corner

The upcoming election has to be one of the most controversial elections in America to date. Many people think it’s choosing the lesser of two evils, and which is the lesser evil depends on who’s talking. In my personal opinion, the lesser evil is Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris. In fact, they actually have some smart and beneficial policies.

One of Biden’s biggest points is his plan for taxes. He supports tax increases on people with higher incomes and on larger companies. The Tax Foundation ran an analysis on his proposed plans, and it helps to clarify some of the more daunting parts. They define a higher income in this context as individuals earning $400,000 or more. For reference, the US Census data estimates the average household income in Illinois at approximately $88,857 as of 2018. Therefore, a majority of Biden’s proposed tax increases won’t affect most citizens in Illinois, and will actually benefit them, as he also proposes many tax credits and exemptions for families with children aged 17 or under, for people buying houses for the first time, for childless workers aged 65 or older, and many more.

One of the biggest issues many people have with Biden is his history with preventing progressive bills that would benefit BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) communities. He was against integration of schools and public places, and he made several racist comments in the media prior to working with former president Barack Obama.

However, he has shown recent commitment to helping BIPOC communities. He has made plans for helping Black and minority communities achieve economic equity, and he plans to decrease employer discrimination in both hiring new employees and in paychecks. On his website, he promises to make a commitment to helping underprivileged communities and minorities at the federal level.

If Biden is elected president, we must make sure that he follows through on his promised policies. People in positions of authority must be held accountable in order to be effective leaders, and Joe Biden has shown that he can take responsibility when he is entrusted with it.

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