Counselors work to help students online

Counselors have been reaching out to students about their mental health during online school. This could be because of the increase of stress some home environments bring to some students, or just that school has drastically changed from last year. 

“Counselors are still meeting with students individually via Zoom. We also use gChat and Google Voice to check in with students and provide our services. We are continuing to work with social workers and referring students to them for mental health support,“ said counselor Megan Stenberg.

For some students, online school has been less stressful than in-person classes. Even though class schedules might be less stressful, students still see counselors when trying to get help for some of their class’s workload. 

“I think my mental health has actually improved since we only have four classes every day. For me, personally, it’s easier to get my work done,” said sophomore Nevena Erceg. 

Although counselors are trying to help students who are facing problems at home, they are still finding time to help students who have trouble with classwork. 

“I did ask a counselor for help during online school. I didn’t think I was going to be able to handle the workload for one of my classes, and he helped me out a lot and gave me studying tips,” Erceg said.

Students feel like it’s important for people to have an outlet like counselors during online school in cases they don’t have anyone they can talk to at home. 

“I think people need them in case they ever feel alone and need help. I think it’s really important to have counselors not only during in-person school but also during online school,” sophomore Kelly Eppel said. 

Trying to help students when counselors can’t be in person might make it harder to get through to them, but the counselors are still trying to find ways to see if there is any improvement with students. 

“It is hard to read body language over Zoom. Reading body language is important to the student services team because it helps us better understand students,” Stenberg said. 

Since some students can’t talk to people in person they are close with, like friends or sometimes family, counselors have been giving tips to deal with their stress.

“The biggest thing you can do is exercise and take breaks; it helps you stay focused,” Stenberg said. 

Different ways to contact counselors during online school are through the one-stop-Knight-shop website, or students and parents can reach out to counselors as well.