Girls golf continues season


Morgan Buckley

Girls Golf in their game against Wacounda.

The giirls golf team competes against Wacounda High School. Photos by Morgan Buckley.


The girls golf season has changed their season slightly to follow COVID-19 guidelines while more girls have joined their team.

Golf allows for social distancing more than most sports, which helped create an easier transition to following the guidelines. 

“I am so grateful that I’m in a sport where COVID-19 guidelines could be easily implemented to keep everyone safe while still being able to participate,” said senior Kathryn Morris. 

Many girls are enjoying this year’s season despite it being different from previous seasons. 

“This year’s golf season has been really fun, and I’m so glad we get to play,” said sophomore Kelly Eppel.

At the beginning of the season, masks had to be worn everywhere. The current rules allow the girls to remove their mask if they are six feet apart and socially distancing.

“I’m proud of our team adjusting to the new rules this year,” Eppel said.

Players understand their responsibilities to be safe in order to continue to play their sport. 

“We need to be mindful of everyone’s health and safety during the pandemic, so my top priority is to just be careful and cautious while playing sports,” Morris said.

While golf allows for easier social distancing, it is harder for the team to have bonding sessions.

“Practices are super fun and pretty much the same as last season,” Eppel said. “I think we could have more practices with the whole team to get to know everyone.”

This year the girl’s golf team has a large number of girls this season with a couple of girls joining from other fall sports that have been moved and a large number of freshmen who have joined. 

“It is going well. We have a record number of girls out. We have 28 girls out and a lot of girls getting experience and going out and having a good time,” said varsity coach Scott Ewen.

Last year the gold team was very experienced with a large number of seniors, and this year the girls are more inexperienced.

“Any years where there’s a lot of freshmen, or a lot of freshmen and sophomores, a few years later we tend to have a really good team, so hopefully a few years from now since they’re so young it pays off,” Ewen said.

Ewen applauds his girls for being coachable and having a great attitude.

“Every area of golf there’s room for improvement. There’s not necessarily one thing we do great. We’re just trying to improve in all areas,” Ewen said. “They want to learn and they want to get better and so they’re fun to be around every day they’re getting better. I’m just proud of how they’re progressing.”

The girls have not yet won, but they have made incredible progress since the beginning of the season.

“I’m so proud of our team’s progress this year! Everyone has put in so much effort and stayed so positive. It made this season really fun,” Morris said.