Review: Moral of the Story Chapter 1 EP

The hit song “Moral of the Story” grew in popularity after being featured in Netflix sequel “P.S. I Still Love You” and then becoming a popular song on Tik Tok. As a whole “Moral of the Story Chapter 1” was a calming yet addicting EP that is easy to listen to on repeat. 

The EP was co-written by Ashe (Ashlyn Rae Wilson), FINNEAS (Finneas O’Connell), Casey Smith and Noah Conrad. Finneas O’Connell’s sister Billie Eilish also helped change one of the lyrics in the final song “Moral of the Story.” O’Connell and Conrad co-produced the album. The song grew in popularity through Tik Tok where it had been used in more than 367,000 videos as of March 2020. 

The EP consists of four songs, “Figured Out”, “Bachelorette”, “S****y Places, Pretty Faces” and “Moral of the Story”.  The singer, Ashe explains what each of the songs were about. The song “Figured Out” is about comparing herself to others and how she does not have her life together. “Bachelorette” is about how no matter what she felt she did she was going to be the bad guy. “S****y Places, Pretty Faces” was about how she felt stuck in life but in the end she has a choice and can get out.  The hit song “Moral of the Story” is about Ashe’s divorce which she was still in the middle of while the song was written. She did not feel that everything was going to be alright but had to tell herself it would be. The lyrics “You can think that you’re in love, when you’re really just in pain,” can be universally applied which could be part of how the song grew in popularity. 

I like the album because of how easy the songs are to listen to. Although I have not been through a divorce or any heartbreak, I still understand the message of the album and the sincerity behind it. To me the album is about overcoming an obstacle and how there will be struggles, but you’ll be better for it. I like the gentleness to the songs without them being too slow. I wish there had been more songs, but it is only an EP and there is a part two, “Moral of the Story Chapter 2”. 

I would get this EP an 8/10 because of the gentle sound to it and how the songs do not get too repetitive. I often found myself listening to it without it getting old. It is a good album to listen to, but I would not have found it on my own if the featured song had not blown up as big as it did. The fact that it was written around her divorce might scare some people off, but younger generations still enjoy the message. If someone enjoyed the snippets they have heard from “Moral of the Story”, they will enjoy the rest of the EP.