The many faces of North: Bisevac talks about Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is in March, and it’s important to see what people are doing for this month. One person that is doing a lot to showcase women’s history is social studies department chair Adrijana Bisevac. 

Bisevac has made sure that students and staff at this school know it’s Women’s History Month.

“There are informational posters on the wall of influential women from U.S. history,” Bisevac said. 

Another thing that is being held to commemorate Women’s History Month is a panel being held. We will also be holding a panel on Tuesday which it also says on the informational posters,” Bisevac said.

The women spoke in this panel are influential women from Illinois. 

“We have Illinois Senator Melinda Bush, Brigadier General Patricia Wallace, and we have Chief Judge of the Lake County Circuit Court coming,” Bisevac said.

The panel was held from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and people wetre allowed to ask them about their life.

“They’re going to be talking about their stories and people (were) able to ask them questions about their life,” Bisevac said.

Social studies teacher Roxanne Bristow also showcased something from the National Archive.

“ Mrs. Bristow (also showed)  a display from the National Archive about the 19th Amendment called, Rightfully Yours,” Bisevac said.

Bisevac feels women’s history should be taught in school courses because students should have to know about influential women and how they contributed to history. 

“I think women’s history should be interwoven in history in an entire course of the year and that’s how I feel about generally any celebratory month,” Bisevac said.

Bisevac also feels putting it into a history month would help students and staff learn more deeply about important women. 

“I think we should think about it a little more deeply and maybe use it as a reflection point to see how far we’ve come,” Bisevac said.