Automatic voter registration is necessary

As technology has advanced, we have been given access to multitudes of information instantly. Communication is accessible at our fingertips. We live in a society where so much is at our convenience. However, there are areas we can improve upon to benefit the public, especially those who may not have the luxury of accessibility. If we can make organ donations easy, the U.S. should take a step to start automatic voting registration.

Automatic voting registration would occur when an individual goes to get their driver’s license, and they would check a box to say they would like to be automatically registered once they turn 18. Currently, someone would go on a separate occasion to get their voter registration through the DMV, their local county clerk, or by mail.

With automatic voter registration, the U.S. would expand their voter pool because the public would have the option to register without hassle. The option to register on another occasion would be offered, but it would not be required.

“Sometimes people have trouble with transportation, and they can’t go out of their way to their DMV or clerk to register. We would be increasing voter turnout if we had a larger voter pool,” said Government teacher Erin Wise.

The age group least likely to vote are 18-21 year olds, and the main reason why is because many don’t return to the DMV until they have to renew their license at the age of 21. Most young adults get their license at 16. It’s a separate occasion in order to show proper identification at the DMV, and process everything two years later at the age of 18.

“This would change the nation because we would expand who can vote all over because they wouldn’t have to worry about finding a convenient time to register, when they would automatically when they get their driver’s license,” Wise said.

Lake County Clerk advises that the U.S. would have to consider security when doing this because of what technology can do.

“I just want to make sure that votes are protected. You know, but I think each state is trying to be progressive and trying very hard to keep both safe and secure. I think we are definitely on the right track, and the changes that we need to make are changes that have to come through the government, and then they are orchestrated for us to carry out. So, any changes that people, young people would like to see happening you know it’s going to happen through their Congressman or Senator,” said Lake County Clerk Robin O’Connor.

Voting is essential to being an active citizen, and to better serve our public, the U.S. needs to make things easier on the people. Automatic voting registration would vastly improve our voter turnout and demographics.