Central hosts Winter Gala


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This year’s Gala gave more students at both Grayslake North and Grayslake Central the opportunity to see new friends and have fun.

The food that was served at  Gala was Italian, and many people ate before they started dancing, and went to eat some with a group of friends.

“It was fun, and it gave many options other than dancing. The food was pretty good,” said freshman Logan McLaughlin. 

Many students thought that the experience at the dance with seeing both friends from school and friends from Central made it more fun. 

“Gala was really fun. I enjoyed seeing people from other schools and old friends. I think it was a great experience, and there was food, so it was good,” said freshman Reagan Kuzynowski.

The opportunity to see old friends and have fun with their friends now made the night even better for both schools. 

“I’m glad that I got to hang out and have fun with my friends and see some friends I haven’t seen in a while,” said freshman Kelly Eppel. 

Not only was there good food at Gala, the music was also really good since it was student picked. 

“It was really nice that the students got to pick out the music; everyone got to listen to what they liked.” Eppel said. 

The attendance for Gala was very high compared to some years, and they raised a lot of money for the Australian Wildfire Relief Center. 

“I think the cause that they chose was really good because of what Australia went through at the start of the year. Everyone in attendance at the dance helped a lot for the cause,” Eppel said.