Table tennis offers friendly competition after school

Table tennis has many people who joined over the course of this year. The club has been able to let people make new friends and have friendly competition between all grade levels.

Freshman Bella Moran has been showing up to many table tennis events and thinks that the club is a really good idea.

“I love the competition. It’s really fun to be playing with your friends,” Moran said. 

Even though table tennis doesn’t face other schools, they still see the other North students they are playing as competition. “It’s a really nice environment where you get to have fun, but it’s still competitive,” Moran said.

The club having a nice environment makes it really easy to bring your friends and have fun together if you’re nervous about meeting new people. Or the club is really good if you enjoy playing a serious game of table tennis. 

“I like beating my friends and have bragging rights, but sometimes you lose and then they have to have bragging rights also,” Moran said.

Many members of table tennis are really enjoying the new competition between their friends and fellow classmates. The club has had a lot of people attend, but they are always looking for new members to join so there’s more competition. The club meets every Wednesday after school.