Andersen balances work with her passion

Some staff at Grayslake North are not only working this job alone, but also one after or before school. One of these people are Jenny Andersen, not only is she the student assistance program coordinator but she is also a therapist.
Andersen doesn’t see this job as a chore, instead she sees it as giving her more experience with new people. She likes being able to help more people and do both of the jobs which allow her to work with her skills.
“It’s a nice way for me to do two different kinds of social work,” said Andersen.
Her also being a therapist doesn’t take away from her time at North, instead she thinks she has a more balanced schedule.
“Since I only have one night that I’m working really late, it kind of balances out my week,” Andersen said.
Even if Andersen does feel tired sometimes because of her job, she feels like the love for her practice makes it better to do both of them. Both of Andersen’s jobs make her feel happy and glad that she got to pursue what she really wanted.
“Because I really like that job it really, kind of, energizes me to go,” Andersen said.
She understands that if students don’t receive the time and attention they deserve when they see her that they have a right to be upset by it. Even though Andersen see’s both jobs as very important, she realizes that if most of her time is being given to her second job, she then knows that she should cut time off.
“It’s my job and my responsibility to really be here for the students,” Andersen said.
Andersen still wants students to treat not only the staff that works more than one job, but each other with kindness and empathy.
“I feel like everyone can be more compassionate to each other, [and] the lives of students and staff can be more similar to each other than we think” Andersen said.