Student Council plans Winter Gala

The Winter Gala is held every year during the month of February to bring together students from Grayslake North and Central.
“Students enjoy reuniting with some of their classmates from middle school, and it’s one big happy family as we join efforts for a worthy cause,“ said Student Council leader Jess Baker.
That’s why every year they switch the school hosting the dance; this year Grayslake Central is hosting.
Every year the school that is hosting chooses a charity in which the donations go to. Then both schools help raise money the week before the gala.
“The chosen cause is Australian fire relief efforts,” Baker said.
This year the schools decided to add something new to the dance. They feel like having this new addition will be able to bring a lot more people in.
“A new twist coming this year is a raffle to enter a “VIP” room. Raffle winners, along with a few friends of their choice, will be allowed entry to a special room with extra food and goodies as a place to chill and hang out if they need a break from the dance floor,” Baker said.
Student Council member Brooke Davies thinks the new addition will bring more people this year.
“I think it’s a good idea because more people are more willing to go if they have the small place just to hang out with friends. I also think that people will see how fun it is to see and meet up with their old friends from middle school,” Davies said.
Students should also be prepared for the week before the gala because Student Council will be holding new things that week.
“Students can expect some fun dress up days that week, should bring cash for several food trucks that will make an appearance at lunch, and should also bring their pennies for penny wars to help Australia,” Baker said.
Student Council starts selling gala tickets next week. They are $25 in advance and $35 at the door. This year’s gala will be held at Grayslake Central on Saturday, February 22.