Girls bowling faces Lakes in the last match of the season

Grayslake North’s girls bowling faced Lakes High School in the last match of their season. Through some ups and downs, the girls managed to take leadership for their team to succeed.

On January 23, the girls faced each other at Antioch Lanes. The game was going well, but then the team ran into some bumps in the road. Well, more like oily lanes. The lanes were too greasy, and North’s team began to slip up a little. However, they did manage to come back from their mistakes.

“We were struggling because of the lanes being very oily. We gave each other mini pep talks and motivated each other to do the best we could, and that’s exactly what we did,” said varsity bowler Rhianna Reeve. The girls all worked together to manage to do their best and come back from where they were.

Through the struggles of the game, the girls managed to improve. They all helped each other and learned from their mistakes.

“Everyone has their good and bad scoring days, but we just take that to heart and go back and work on it to improve ourselves and make us better,” said varsity bowler Sydney Swiercz.

With this victory, they are now looking forward to Regionals on February 8, and from they are looking to get to Sectionals.