Movie nights celebrate different cultures

The movie nights celebrating heritage months are improving students’ knowledge on culture and are making the schools a better environment.

The idea of playing these movies came from Knights Way. They wanted more people to get the opportunity to see how other heritages go through life and to see challenges other people face.

“It’s an opportunity for them to be together and celebrate and potentially learn about them,” said Jenny Andersen, the program coordinator.

Knights Way and Andersen both see it as a good impact for the school and other schools around us.

“I do think that it would be good for other schools to have something like Knights Way,” Andersen said.

She and the members of Knights Way see it not only as a way for people to come together to celebrate their heritage, but also for students who don’t know much about other heritages to come and learn.

More students after seeing what movies Knights Way is playing and how it could really bring people closer together are really excited for more of these movies.

“I think that it’s really cool that people are able to watch these movies and learn from others’ experiences,” said freshman Sophia Barszcz.

Even if some students aren’t interested in the movies, they still see it as a good idea for more students to learn about different cultures. A lot of people have seen that the movies bring so many different groups of people together, and others see that it makes the school a better and safer environment.

Knights Way has been advertising for these movies in a way for different people to come and see what Knights Way is really about. Even if people are not that interested in these movies, the students should still come up to the tables set up at lunch and at the library, or just read the posters the group hangs in the hallways.