New members join Slam Funk


Slam Funk is experiencing new changes this school year. With so many new faces in the group, the band seemed to adapt to the change and grow a close knit bond.

The band has devoted a lot of time before the school year started. Not only did they have to find a new sound, they were also trying to develop as strong of a bond as the band last year had.

Although they knew they had to practice, they felt bonding with new members was crucial and that they should get to know each other so they were almost “team bonding”. Now still in the early days of the school year, they talk about each other as if they’ve known each other forever.

“It’s all so tight-knit It’s very nice to be around the people,” said Tyler Kaczmarski.

The band was not only trying to advance their sound for the good of the group, but also for the school.

“For the school, it’s almost like a secondary mascot,” Kaczmarski said

Slam Funk prides themselves on being a different group or club than most people regularly see. The members recognize how lucky they are to have an escape like Slam Funk at school.

“There’s no other band like this at any other school,” said sophomore Marnie Glass.

They love that they get an opportunity to play music that they really like, and they are happy playing in the band.

“We’re passionate about music,” said senior Richard Moung.

She and the other members of Slam Funk see how it makes students feel when they perform, whether it be at pep rallys or at an actual performance. It makes people happy to listen to songs that they know and used to probably listen to when they were younger. Even if students don’t like the music that the group plays, it’s exciting to see them having fun and everyone having a good time.

“It lights up the school,” Moung said.

Slam Funk has played at a CLC charity event, and they will be performing at the Homecoming assembly on Friday, October 4.