Student Council hosts movie night after Black and Gold Scrimmage


Morgan Buckley

Students watch “The Sandlot” on the football field following the Black and Gold Scrimmage.

Students stayed to see a movie after the Black and Gold Scrimmage to support their school and hang out with friends.

Student Council set up the movie “The Sandlot” to play on the football field after the scrimmage. Admission was five dollars, and students brought their own pillows and blankets.

“It was really fun to have all these people out here and on the football field, really chill. It was fun to bring pillows and blankets and camp out,” said junior Jacqueline Weekly.

Students enjoyed the movie because of the easy accessibility and the comfortable feeling it provided of being with friends.

“It’s like a drive in movie but easier and less buggy.  I enjoyed the experience without going to a movie theater. So it’s like a homey experience,” said junior Ally Nemcomvitch.

Students enjoyed being able to meet up with each other and hang out with all of their friends.

 “My favorite part of the night was being with friends and having a good time,” said freshman Tess Buckley.

Some students thought the movie was a little outdated but many enjoyed the fact that it was a movie everyone knew.

“It was a classic, so it was something that you can watch and enjoy but also talk and still enjoy with missing parts of it,” Weekly said.

Some students had heard of the famous one liners but had not watched the movie before.

“My Dad would always say ‘You’re killing me Smalls,’ but I never knew what it was from before tonight,” Buckley said.

The experience was one that a lot of students enjoyed and hope to see more of in the future.

“I thought it would be a pretty cool experience, and I don’t know when I’d get to do it again,” Nemcomvich said.