Students Take a Trip to Martinique


Over spring break, some French students and the French teachers stayed on the island of Martinique as a way to truly receive the French island experience.

“We wanted to immerse our students in the culture of a Francophone country. We found that traveling is the best way to incorporate authentic French culture into the lives of our students,” said French teacher Dorota Trybula.

Although the French classes have gone on trips before, they have never gone to a tropical island. This was a new and exciting experience for students that have never been to a French speaking island, or let alone another country all together.

“Martinique is a French owned territory that was a perfect and warm place for the first French trip to go,” said junior Anjelica Rodriguez. “It was also different than any other trips French classes have gone on. It made me excited to be able to go somewhere the school has never gone before and experience it with my friends by my side.”

To prepare for the trip, students spent the majority of the year attending meetings and speaking with their host families.

“We had several meetings with parents and students, but as the trip was approaching, students received the information about their host family and they were able to contact them via email,” Trybula said. “Both sides were very excited being able to meet virtually before the actual arrival.”

The students did many fun activities while in Martinique. Every day was a new adventure,and every day that got to have a new experience.

“My favorite activity was going to the school because it was interesting seeing what different country’s school day was like, plus I really enjoyed talking to the students and seeing what they did in their daily lives,” Rodriguez said. “It was a good experience because you never fully understand another culture’s school life or life in general until you full immerse yourself into it.”

While the trip was fun, for some students being away from home had it’s negative aspects. However, students were able to focus on the other activities they were participating in.

“It was a little difficult being away from my family, but once we started getting to our activities I became distracted from that thought and enjoyed my trip,” Rodriguez said.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip that the French program would gladly go on again. The experience is something the students and teachers will never forget.

“I would definitely go back to this amazing place, and I am positive that all students would share my opinion,” Trybula said. “One of many things that struck me the most was the kindness of people, their optimism and big smiles.”