Girls softball started out their season playing at ESPN Wide World of Sports and leaving the sunshine state with a record of 6-2.

“Our trip was really fun. We played well, and it was fun being around my friends for a whole week especially in Disney. We ended our trip with a record of 6-2,” said junior Faith Standerski

When working together, the team is able to accomplish goals and fix their mistakes to better themselves for the next game.

“We work together as a team pretty well. Even when we are down in a game, we never give up and keep fighting till the end. We all push through and are constantly pushing each other to succeed,” said senior Caitlin Barenbaum.

Senior Caitlin Barenbaum explains how she is the mom figure on the team to the younger girls.

“I want to make sure I lead the younger girls to be good leaders when their time comes. With not too many younger girls on the team I really want to take that “mom” role for them so one day they can step into that role,” Barenbaum said.

During the regular season, the team’s record is 20-9. They’ve had some awesome wins, especially against Antioch.

“Antioch is our biggest rival for sure. Every year Antioch has a really strong team and has consistently beaten us at least once in a season. This year we pulled out two slaughter rule wins against them, and that was a huge accomplishment for us,” Barenbaum said.

Sports like softball are a place to build friendships and be able to create memories that will last a lifetime.

“Honestly, my favorite part about softball is being able to play with my teammates and cheer them on. I love the energy that we have during games and to just play as a team I absolutely love. The love and the friendships that’ll last forever that are created during softball is one of the main reason why I want to play this sport in college. It has given me some of the best friendships ever,” Pozezinski said