Boys Tennis

As the season comes to the end for boys tennis, they begin to get an idea of what to look forward to for next year.
“In general, we want to compete in the conference tournament and to get as many kids as we can down to State as possible,” said head coach Johnny Kent.
Overall, the boys tennis team had an impressive season, beating Lakes, Antioch, and cross town rival Grayslake Central.
“Our conference has been very even across the board. Lakes and Round Lake ended up winning and splitting the conference championship in the regular season, but we actually ended up beating Lakes which is pretty exciting,” Kent said.
By continuing to have the passion they have helps them work together and accomplish new goals.
“This team really gets along together. We have some top well talent and just the ability to come together. The biggest thing is consistency,” Kent said.
Teamwork is key in tennis, explained senior Eduardo Fonseca, especially when working with his teammate freshman Christian Abban.
“The best memory of tennis is probably playing doubles with Christian during matches,” said senior Eduardo Fonseca.
As for incoming freshmen, the team stresses for them to come and try out.
“They shouldn’t be scared to try out even if they never have played because it’s pretty easy to pick up and a lot of fun,” Fonseca said.