Boys Volleyball

As the boys volleyball team welcomed many new players this season, they worked on growing inside and outside of the game.
The team constantly works toward trying to make a good environment for everyone to feel comfortable in. From there, they say, they can guarantee adequate teamwork and effort from everyone. They also stress making everyone feel comfortable since the team is filled with freshmen to seniors.
“Our team gets along really well. Everyone has fun and enjoys each other, and coming from me, I’m a freshman, so I really like how the upperclassmen took me in and treated me well,” said freshman Nathan Atwell.
The team works hard toward making their goals. During practices, they work on what they couldn’t get done in games so they will be prepared for new games.
“During practice, we focus on different deficits of our team’s play. We work on several movements, different skill sets and game situations. During practice, we also explain why we are doing what we are doing. This helps the athletes understand the concept behind the drill, skill, etc.,” said head coach Nikki Kirchway.
The season is going well for the team right now, and by helping each other through their ups and downs, they make more progress every day. They learn from mistakes, and they look forward to the future of their team.
“We have a freshman on varsity. Watching these kids play all together, freshmen with uperclassmen, they really just have so much heart playing, and I have no doubt in my mind that these kids are going to go places,” said senior Jarod Hesse.